Monday, July 2, 2012

I-88 East in NY

Wow! This wins first prize for the worst intrastate Interstate highway!!!

It starts in Binghamton at I-81 and goes to Schenectady near Albany. You are first introduced with a firm shaking for 5 miles. It doesn't matter whether you going east-west or west-east, it's the same either way. Things smooth out for a bit but only for a bit. With the exception of the occasional nice (and short) patch you are continuously shaken and bounced for its entire 122 mile length. Patches are seldom level with surrounding roadbed. Expansion joints... Six Flags parks can't compete. Don't drink from your travel mug during these crossings otherwise you'll be wearing it. Keep both hands on the steering wheel and pucker your butt or you'll need an underwear change later.

Makes you wonder what they really do with the funding they receive from the feds, eh?

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