Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quebec - A-40

To be fair, lets start with my home province of Quebec where most roads are noteworthy for their "bounciness" and washboard effect! Entering Quebec from Hwy 401 is mostly fine until KM 9 since it was repaved last year. Yet they paved over a already rotten roadbed so there are already signs of stress.

Then all shit breaks loose until you reach the new interchange being constructed for the A-30 extension. Potholes are called "Les nids de poules" translation: chicken nests, owing to their size. Yes you can hide a chicken in any one of these.

One of the two bridges on Hwy 40 at Vaudrueil is currently under construction and the diversion will knock your suspension to hell.

Quebec is the poster-boy for how not to build or repair roads. Patches on patches, crumbing overpasses, tons of concrete raining down on unsuspecting motorists. Come for a visit, leave your car/truck parts behind.

Got a road that you think sucks, let me know. If I travel it, I might blog about it.


  1. Great blog - I hope you get lots of suggestions. One of my favorite 'this road sucks' stretch is highway 132 between boul. de Lery and Chateauguay. Bumpady bump bump....

  2. Hwy 401 through TO is an obvious choice - solely for its endless re-construction